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That Was Then...This Is Now

By Vegas Aces, 11/13/17, 10:45PM PST


That Was Then...The Building of the Vegas Aces Culture

That Was Then…

Back in the fall of 2014 Vegas Aces had a team made up of 4 sets of sisters, 2 sets of twins, and their libero Sid.    They practiced in a one-court facility in the back of a warehouse.  The girls' ages ranged from 8 to 12 years old.  These young athletes were embarking on an adventure not knowing where it would lead.  Coach Ruben and the other coaches were not sure what they were getting themselves into.  The coaches were very dedicated to not only teach the girls the game of volleyball, but how to work hard.  Through blood, sweat, and lots of tears they learned to be a family and persevere through the bad times and enjoy building memories together.  Yes, these young girls were learning the game of volleyball, but they were also developing great friendships and learning life lessons.  They were taught the importance of TEAMWORK, learned how to always give an EFFORT (which they found very difficult at times), ENJOY THE MOMENT, PERSEVERE through the tough times, and to always be HONEST and show INTEGRITY while being true to yourself.  The girls found that these virtues were not always easy, but they continued to work hard and strive for excellence.  This work ethic they were developing led to much success and the building of the VEGAS ACES CULTURE! 


This Is Now…

Today, the Edgeworth’s, founders of the Vegas Aces, saw the success and how important the lessons the girls on and off were learning.  They decided to build a State-of-Art facility dedicated to volleyball, which opened October 2017.  Vegas Aces just finished club tryouts on November 12th and were so excited about the turnout.  Vegas Aces will have close to 175 athletes as part of the Vegas Aces Family for the 2017/2018 season starting at ages 5 up through 18.  The coaching staff has been expanded so that each athlete can receive more individualized attention.  Coach Ruben, his coaching staff, and all the athletes are excited about “Changing the Landscape” of volleyball in Nevada.  All athletes coming through the Vegas Aces Program will learn how to work hard, become better volleyball players, and be part of something GREAT!  Let the 2017/2018 CLUB SEASON BEGIN!